A Silent Voice, Volume 7 – Review

And so A Silent Voice comes to an end. This volume was definitely weaker than much of what came before, and essentially gave too much time to what was all pretty much epilogue. There were loose narrative tangents and unnecessary additions, and it all made for a slightly rambling experience. But A Silent Voice’s fundamental character writing is so strong that it really didn’t harm anything, and at this point, seeing the untidy threads of the manga actually just makes me feel even more excited for the film. A Silent Voice is a fantastic manga, but it could be condensed into a basically perfect movie. For the first time in a while, I can’t help but let the hype be real.

You can check out my full review over at ANN!

A Silent Voice

One thought on “A Silent Voice, Volume 7 – Review

  1. Yeah it definitely stumbles a lot in its final moments. In retrospect, I began to pinpoint the lose of narrative focus with what happened to Shoya in vol 6 after reading to the end. On that note, I think you’ve read Oima’s interview where she said that she initially planned to have what happened to Shoya happened to Shoko instead. I can’t help but think it may have a bit to do with the looseness of the final 2 volumes.

    Definitely agree for the hype for the movie for similar reasons though!

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