Concrete Revolutio: The Last Song – Review

Concrete Revolutio’s second half sure was something. I was initially a little disappointed to realize the second half would largely stick to the same structure as the first – but as I say in my review, ultimately that’s just how the world works. It wouldn’t fit with Concrete Revolutio’s style to pretend all the problems it’s discussed can be resolved through some vast central conflict; problems emerge out of natural circumstance, we deal with them the best we can, and then we just keep doing our best to live. Concrete Revolutio’s mix of frank, almost bitter realism and clear optimism resulted in a wonderful experience all around, a show that was unafraid to either admit the world is a harsh place or submit to the fatalism that understanding might engender. This season might be called “The Last Song,” but it is clear right up until the end that the song goes on.

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Concrete Revolutio