Flying Witch – Episodes 11-12

Flying Witch concluded with a double dose of warm fuzzies this week, featuring flying whales and new robes and lots of delicious hotcakes. The flying whale was easily one of the show’s most overtly magical moments, but basically everything here was top shelf Flying Witch. Now that the show is over, I realize I was kind of taking Flying Witch for granted – the show was uniformly excellent, it legitimately made my week a little brighter, and it feels like these stories could go on forever. I’m really gonna miss this one.

You can check out my full review over at ANN, or my episode 11 notes below (I moved to the couch for 12 and didn’t take notes, which seems pretty Flying Witch to me).

Flying Witch

Witch mailman is basically slenderman

They’re going to watch a flying whale, apparently

Oh my god, Chinatsu sticking out of Akane’s witch cloak. Amazing

A giant flying whale with grass and ruins on top! Magic is wonderful

And a sanctuary. This is a very magical episode!

They meet Anzu there, who knows a fair bit about the history of the whales. It’s intriguing stuff

I like how Chinatsu thinks of a month as “ages,” while Kei thinks of it as just a little while ago. Time passes slowly for kids

“Kenny studies anthropology as a hobby” hahaha

“Are you a hotcake-making robot now?” “Yes. All I can do is make hotcake after hotcake.” Kei and Chinatsu such good siblings

Hotcakes are just pancakes, and suddenly I realize where the name “pancake” comes from. I am not a bright man

A lengthy explanation of pancake history as the pancakes rise. This is living

Anzu has an owl for a familiar

Of course, just stopping by to hand Akane her bill