Planetarian – Episode 3

Planetarian continued to be its hopeful, melancholy self in this third episode, as Yumemi’s long-awaited projection served as a painting of mankind’s hopes etched on a canvas of its dire failures. Planetarian is a very small-scale version of exactly the kind of stuff I like, and though its somewhat flat aesthetics and limited characterization don’t allow for any truly soaring heights, it’s still a very competent and engaging production. I am having a good time with this sad robot.

You can check out my full review over at ANN, or my notes below!


“Yumemi’s Projection”

“Rainy days can make us feel down. But don’t worry – in here, we can summon the sun whenever we wish.”

Some nice shots making use of Jena’s CG nature to pull back or spin around

Yumemi something of a god in this place herself

And very enthusiastic about her storytelling

They run out of power

“The power will not return. It’s not something someone can fix”

The special projection is called ‘Mankind Spreading Its Wings,’ and likely has to do with the scientific ambition of man in the space age. More bitter ironies

We take Yumemi’s perspective when she asks what must be done, echoing her helplessness in the first scenes

“Continue the presentation. Your voice will be enough”

“You must really love the stars, Mr. Customer”

“Mankind will be able to solve its problems. And then they will reach out to the world of the stars”

More spinning shots

Our ambition builds machines like Yumemi and Jena, and those machines themselves inspire future ambition. Like children

“When you are lost in the dark and can no longer see the stars in the sky, remember what you saw here today”

“It is a great privilege to be able to sleep under a starry sky.”

Ah, the pendant was his mother’s

Nice music throughout this. Gentle piano for the presentation, strings for his memory

“The beautiful twinkling of eternity that will never fade”

“I will escort you to your car!”