Why It Works: Reigen’s World

Welp, looks like I’m writing at Crunchyroll now. I’ve got a new column over there starting up this week, and opening with a closer look at just one element of Mob Psycho’s first episode. If all goes according to plan, that’ll be the general style – deep dives on specific ideas or characters or elements of craft that pull our favorite shows together. I’m very excited to start on this project, and hope you enjoy my first piece!

You can check out my first article right here.

Mob Psycho 100

5 thoughts on “Why It Works: Reigen’s World

  1. Congratulations on your continued rise up through the ranks of western anijournalism! In due time you’ll have the influence on the industry all the haters seem to think you have already!

    If this is a column, it’s going to be regular, right? When will it run? Weekly?

    Regardless, quite excited to see where it will take you and your writing. Topically, this column really boils down to the essence of your writing, so this is really awesome to see as one of your biggest fans.

    Be careful not to completely overwork yourself between ANN, crunchy and reader projects, okay?

    • Yep, this one will be weekly. They should go up right around this time every week. And yeah, here’s hoping I can handle it all!

  2. I wonder how Crunchyroll’s target audience would think about this. Based on the comments, they seem to be the type that calls every single episode of every single show the greatest thing ever.

    • For the record, I don’t mean to insult them or anything: honestly their relentless positivity often brings a smile to my face. I just don’t see that type of person really caring about an article like this.

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