Orange – Episode 8

Orange has achieved new heights of “will they or won’t they” assholery, following up last episode’s mutual confession with the reveal that Kakeru doesn’t want to date Naho because he might eventually hurt her. As simultaneously infuriating and true to his character that was, it wasn’t really my big problem with this episode. The real issue here is that Orange’s production has at this point entirely sunk, meaning it’s shifted from occasionally attempting to portray the illusion of movement to just kinda sequencing still shots in a row. It’s a shame when a show that so desperately needs strong animation is so entirely bereft of it.

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One thought on “Orange – Episode 8

  1. I totally agree about the animation. It’s been pretty annoying. Maybe it’ll improve eventually? One can hope. I’m mostly resigned about Kakeru and Naho’s lack of relationship development. They know about each other’s feelings, and that’s better than a lot of shoujos I’ve seen. I suppose I’m also holding out for another Naho/Kakeru ending, haha.

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