Why It Works: Tsumugi’s Great Adventure

Today I got to write a piece on Sweetness & Lightning for the first time, which was nice. The show honestly doesn’t offer that much to dissect a lot of weeks, but the Tsumugi-focused episode was a clear standout, so I had plenty to talk about. Hope you enjoy the piece!

Why It Works: Tsumugi’s Great Adventure

Sweetness & Lighting

One thought on “Why It Works: Tsumugi’s Great Adventure

  1. It’s a solid series, alright. But on the other hand, the cuteness factor of Tsumugi feels forced and artificial, which is incredibly offputting (to me). Add to that other small stuff like the “almost-food-porn” segments which do not resonate (with me) at all. In my personal opinion, it’s inferior to the “similar-ish” Usagi Drop. Have you seen that one?

    Anyway, on your feature(s): I like your attention to characters and your optimism for shows that have an interest in and compassion for people and the human condition. I think my favourite one is your piece on Ping Pong, which I have read at least half a dozen times and always elicits some of the emotional experience I had while watching this amazing show. Keep up the good work!

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