Orange – Episode 10

Management: Woops! I apparently forgot to post this one back when it should have gone up. Here it is now!

Orange is frankly starting to drag for me in basically all respects. The show has played its hand – at this point, basically every facet of Naho and Kakeru’s feelings have been thoroughly considered, and most of the emotional peaks just kinda resemble emotional peaks we’ve already seen before. It’s pretty clear that a full television season was not a great choice for adapting this material. Ah well.

You can check out my full review over at ANN, or my very limited notes below!


I really like the speedy pacing of this first segment. Their preoccupied thoughts contrasted against the consistent events of the school festival

They eventually decide on the reasonable solution – actually ask Kakeru things, and try to see how he’s feeling

“I’m not sure it’s okay for me to be having fun”

“If it’s heavy, you don’t have to push yourself to carry it.” METAPHORSSS

“Do you want to switch? I mean, let’s switch.”

They sure held on that CG flag

The storytelling here is kinda repetitive and on-the-nose, but at least the race worked out