Doamygar-D – Review

So today I’ve got a review of a short I’m pretty sure nobody actually watched, and for good reason – it’s basically just a loyal spoof of classic super robot shows, offering nothing of interest to anyone who isn’t a fan of super robots, Kyoto cooking, and extremely harmless comedy. It wasn’t a painful watch or anything, but also not a watch I’d really recommend for any reason. Although I did like the goofy accent of the American character!

You can check out my full review over at ANN, or my episode notes below.


Episode 1

Intentionally aping the visual style of 60s-70s cheap-ass production

“If I can’t have hanami, no one can!”

The visuals are intentionally lofi – but the designs are pretty great

The classic battle theme song is great

The giant robot cooks Kyoto specials

This shot of the robot “eating” the generic sakura mochi, which is just a static shot

The episodes are like three minutes long

Episode 2

We even get the old-fashioned title cards

It’s also in non-widescreen, with the margins often filled in with fun facts about Kyoto and food

The direction is actually fairly dynamic, even though it works hard to “look” cheap – lots of ostentatiously static shots

Fun and educational!

Oh my god, this dorky ballad ED is really good

Episode 3

“Someday, someday, lu lu lu lu lu”

The classic battle move of sliding on his knees to the customer

“With this guy, I’ll put my old man to shame!”

And there’s actually still a goofy continuing narrative

Episode 4

Mechalossus enemies – Mekaiju

A huge amount of repeated footage, which is kinda part of the joke, so?

The show even intentionally includes lots of visual noise, to simulate old cells

Anna Houdou just always manages to show up

Episode 5

And all the episodes follow basically the same format, but that’s… also part of the joke. It’s hard to critique something that’s intentionally bad

Episode 6

All titles like “Exposed! The Dart Gun Man’s True Identity!”

It’s another robot!

The pilot is his dad, of course

Lots of melodramatic strings and whatnot, but mostly just that one song over and over

And a new challenger approaches

Episode 7

The American has come to automate the sweets process

I like his American accent

“A mountain of Higashi?!?”

Episode 8

Flashback time

And a history lesson

Episode 9

Ah awesome, an actual explanation for the Doamaigar engine

“To a confectioner, pride is the greatest enemy”

Episode 10

And our hero returns to the hands-on basics

Episode 11

“Hand in Hand! The Bond Between Father and Son!”

Intentionally awkward lip flaps

Episode 12

Father and son are victorious

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