Sound! Euphonium S2 – Episode 4

Sound! Euphonium 2’s fourth episode ended up more or less resolving the Yoroizuka/Nozomi conflict, which was unexpected but very welcome. The show’s definitely had trouble making this a story worth caring about, but this episode nailed its big dramatic moments while acting as a clear demonstration of a new KyoAni director’s unique talents. KyoAni have such a reliable and growing team that I’ve recently found myself enjoying their productions purely in how they let more and more of these creators demonstrate their talents. They were low on directors for a little while there, but their next generation is terrific.

You can check out my full review over at ANN, or my notes below.

Sound! Euphonium

“Awakening Oboe”

Opening with them getting their position in the tournament. They’re right after a very good school

Great little moment of Kumiko being a dork

The other teacher also telling Yoroizuka to have more fun

This is by the director of the S1 OVA, a similarly sensitive episode

“Is that what emotion is?”

The quick cuts here are very distinctive – sequences of rapid cuts conveying quick turns in emotional attitudes. Kumiko jumping from the hallway to her home, Kumiko getting distracted from Yoroizuka’s practice and grabbing her chair to practice outside

Nozomi planning to go see Yoroizuka

And again, another sequence of active quick cuts during Kumiko’s run after Nozomi. This one’s accompanied by shakycam

I really like Nozomi’s small shift here

More quick cuts jumping between Kumiko and Nozomi

The active cuts here are insane! I love how this sequence is staged

Yuuko relies on Kumiko for help. Damn!

Yuuko’s so expressive

And now we’re getting a repeat of the earlier sequence, where quick cuts now contrast Kumiko and Yuuko

Nozomi was an important friend to Yoroizuka

“But to Nozomi, I was just one of her many friends”

“I was afraid to learn I’d never meant that much to her”

Nozomi quit without even telling her

Yuuko pep-talking her in her own way

“I think most people are pretty calculating” says Asuka

And Kumiko is somewhat the opposite, constantly astonished by the ways others think