Sound! Euphonium 2 – Episode 5

Yeah, this episode was a triumph. After four relatively low-key episodes, Euphonium finally let loose with an episode whose energetic first half was still dwarfed by its titanic performance segment. I obviously love the subtle stuff, but it sure is impressive to see what only this studio can do when they really let loose. Glad to have you here, Euphonium.

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Sound! Euphonium

This episode demonstrates more energy than usual right from the start, with these goofy wipe transitions

Kumiko gets a compliment on her playing! And it’s a very Taki one – “remember how you just played that”

And we jump forward a MONTH! We’re already at the Kansai Competition!

The exit of these other teachers points to the awkward nature of adaptation. In a book, it’s perfectly reasonable to introduce bit players like this – in a show, they stick out a bit more

This scene on the train is ridiculous – relentlessly active direction, incredibly fluid animation. It’s almost disruptive in how actively composed it is

Although it works – Hazuki’s relentless motion emphasizes how she’s being upbeat for the sake of the others, in spite of really wanting to go

Kumiko almost pushed out of the frame by the preshow material on TV

The emphasis on feet as the window to emotional honesty, a Yamada tic carried over to her disciples

Really emphasizing their anxiety before the concert

Kumiko’s friend Azusa

This episode feels so frenetic

It’s really, really closely mirroring their own attitudes – I love how the teacher’s pre-performance “breathe” exercise is captured in full

Asuka at last takes a real leadership role – she wants Nationals that badly

Oh my god, Kumiko and Reina are flirting so hard holy shit

So many shots attempting to put us in their headspace. Nozomi pulling back the curtain

I love the focus on the photos on their music

God, her solo

Hahaha, and it just goes to credits after that. Holy shit. Holy shit

No other studio could get away with that. No other studio could just SHOW exactly how good their performance is. Jeeeezus

In a narrative sense, it’d be almost impossible for them to fail here. But I still cheered

5 thoughts on “Sound! Euphonium 2 – Episode 5

  1. It’s funny how you mentioned in Yuri!! on ICE how “repetition” is a sort of bane in animation due to budgets, but man how does Kyoto Animation get away with it so convincingly well! They not only reuse some frames, but the totally redrew several others and they even used an entirely different recording just for this one scene!

    I agree entirely — no other studio could show as well as they did just HOW much the Kitauji Concert Band improved — both in terms of sound and in terms of their emotional maturity.

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