Why It Works: Flip Flappers’ Unspoken Stories

I was back to Flip Flappers again this week, discussing how so much of Flip Flappers’ larger storytelling beats are mostly relegated to imagery and background noise. While I enjoyed Flip Flappers from the start, I’ve only been feeling more impressed by its storytelling as the episodes pile up. If its second half is as strong as its first, it could easily stand as one of this year’s lasting anime highlights.

Why It Works: Flip Flappers’ Unspoken Stories

Flip Flappers

One thought on “Why It Works: Flip Flappers’ Unspoken Stories

  1. I was really skeptical of the narrative side of Flip Flappers in the beginning. It felt like it was going to be one of those shows with an unremarkable story surrounded by tons of vague symbolism that would never come together meaningfully. That might still happen, but episodes 5 and 6 were so good on a storytelling level that I’ve become hopeful.

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