March comes in like a lion – Episode 6

This episode took place almost entirely in Rei’s head, making for one of the most powerful and difficult to watch episodes yet. There was some stirring imagery here, but also just plenty of well-articulated thoughts on adulthood and depression. March isn’t always a graceful show, but it is extremely good at depicting a few key emotional truths. Good luck Rei, it’s tough for all of us out there.

You can check out my full review over at ANN.

March comes in like a lion

One thought on “March comes in like a lion – Episode 6

  1. Great review as always, though I’m starting to disagree with your statements on the head tilts and the quality of the humor as I watch more episodes.

    To me it seems like the tilts are meant to signify an incoming piece of impactful dialogue from whatever character it’s used on for Rei, rather than just serving to make them seem mysterious as you said in your previous episode review. In this episode, for instance, it was used on the grandpa as he asked Rei where he wanted to go, a question that obviously lead to some serious introspection. You also criticized the use of it on Rei’s adopted sister because it didn’t fit her character, but I think rather than to communicate who she is it was to signal what she was about to say; a sort of “here it comes” moment.

    As for the humor, I think you’re being a little harsh there. You were particularly critical of the text inset moments not working at all, but I think this episode had a really good example of how it can. When Rei gave Hinata the drink and it had on screen “never been treated by a guy before”, I think it added another fairly meaningful layer to the shot that we probably couldn’t have inferred without it. Sure, it makes sense that she’d be happy receiving a free drink, but the text communicated another facet of the moment that I think really elevated it.

    Minor gripes, of course. Always looking forward to your stuff!

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