Why It Works: Girlish Number’s Insult Crossfire

On this week’s Why It Works, I finally found an angle for digging in to Girlish Number, one that basically highlights the show’s favorite things – insults and character writing. Girlish Number isn’t a fantastic show, but it certainly has strengths worth talking about! Hopefully next season offers some reasonable critical fodder – I’m already wondering exactly how I’m gonna fill my column without JoJo to always lean back on. Oh wait, Rakugo is coming back, nevermind. There’s always something to cover!

ANYWAY. This article’s about Girlish Number. I hope you enjoy it. Here’s the piece!

Why It Works: Girlish Number’s Insult Crossfire

Girlish Number

One thought on “Why It Works: Girlish Number’s Insult Crossfire

  1. Glad to see you cover something other than Jojo! I finally gave up on Jojo; the last season and a half has just not been my cup of tea.

    Gi(a)rlish Number’s been pretty solid, though. Not quite as thematically coherent Yahari Ore, but entertaining enough, decently respectful of giving its characters depth, and still incisive every-so-often.

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