March comes in like a lion – Episode 7

This week’s March comes in like a lion felt like the first time the show was wholly in control of its more upbeat material. The show has firmly established its main cast at this point, so sequences like Nikaidou’s self-help shogi commentary play off our existing understanding and fondness for the characters. With its evocative depression-focused material matched by equally engaging slice of life segments, March now seems to be hitting just the balance it’s been striving for. Hopefully it stays this strong!

You can check out my full review over at ANN, or my notes below.

March comes in like a lion

Opening with the water and the wind, as always

It turns out the baseball player is just as impressed with Rei. His name is Yuusuke Takahashi

Rei was actually an inspiration to him

The people we think have it all together are still generally messes in their own ways

He actually comes up with a good response when asked why he returned to high school. He wanted “memories of not running away”

Rei’s intent got through, and he suddenly feels elated. Being understood is a wonderful feeling, and Rei feels like he doesn’t even understand himself, and that his feelings are inscrutable and not valuable

Seeing Rei get to be happy sure is nice. And he made a friend!

And the meeting somewhat restores his motivation, as he now wants to ask the master shogi player what Yuusuke asked him

The little manga note interludes are becoming less obtrusive. They’re nicely used in a variety of small ways here

Hina feels everything intensely, even her nervousness here

The sisters didn’t know he was a professional!

Nikaidou relating Rei’s play mistake to his personal issues, lol

This scene is very funny. Unique, absurd, and based in Nikaidou’s character

“This is the first time I’ve heard you raise your voice.” Rei is passionate!

After one of its heaviest episodes, this episode is a welcome break

The manga writing is consistently being used more effectively here, to convey multiple kinds of information at the same time. Instead of spelling it out and dragging out the pacing, it’s just incidental stuff

Being good with kids reflects in his being a good teacher