Sound! Euphonium 2 – Episode 10

Euphonium had another stunner this week, finishing off Asuka’s story in the most cathartic possible manner. Even Mamiko’s material was really great this time, and the contrast between the two couldn’t be starker – Mamiko’s scene was all quiet reflections on the realities of family, Asuka’s was a melodramatic showdown between two of the show’s most compelling figures. Euphonium 2 has had some rough patches, but this last arc has been the series at its best.

You can check out my enormous review over at ANN, or my notes below!

Sound! Euphonium

Kumiko turning over her meeting with Asuka

Kaori and Haruka discussing things again. Haruka is actually kind of disappointed in Asuka

“I think part of me wants her to stay special”

I like how the cut to Kumiko at home sees her just passed out with her face on her bed

This scene between Kumiko and Mamiko is so good. Just fundamentally great dialogue, comparing how their parents treated them, and what “being an adult” means to each of them

Jeez, their relationship is so subtle and good. Mamiko was actually positively inspired by Kumiko

That said, the fact that Mamiko’s only gotten four or five scenes across two seasons does hurt. Structural failings hurting Euphonium’s individual successes again

This individual scene is terrific, though. It’s a very understated one, but excellent

Years of resentment and years of love before that catch up to her, and Kumiko can’t hold back the tears

Bawling over her sister really leaving

Kumiko checking her eyes in her makeup mirror before heading out is too real

Kumiko hears Asuka lying to Haruka and Kaori. “Why would she lie like that?” The same reason you dry your eyes, Kumiko

That’s a really nice, natural piece of symmetry

And good, Kumiko is making the connection of how Asuka is like Mamiko

“I wouldn’t want me.” Asuka intends this line lightly, but it’s actually sadly sharp

“Do you honestly think I could get away with making an exception for myself?” Jeez, it’s so Asuka. That damn pride

“Everyone will say they want to play with me. That way no one gets criticized. No one gets hurt.” These lines are her true self. Combining it with the spider webs is great

Asuka doubts the sincerity of the others. Meanwhile, Kumiko has learned to not only doubt herself less, but truly act on her feelings

HOLY SHIT. Asuka just LAYS INTO Kumiko. “You’re curious, but you’re scared of hurting others and getting hurt, so you keep your distance. Do you think anyone would tell someone like that what they really feel?”

“You were showing some spine for once, but you’re already out of battery?”

“So what if I’m a child?!? Why do you keep trying to act like an adult?!” SO GOOD

Kumiko’s voice acting as remarkable as ever

And Asuka doesn’t let her see her face. The smallest moments