Sound! Euphonium 2 – Episode 12

Sound! Euphonium’s nationals competition arrived, and it was… well, certainly not the episode anyone was expecting. But skipping the big concert altogether was only the first of this episode’s goofy tricks – we also got a series of fist bumps, an absurd confession scene, and some of the most dedicated Reina dunking the show has ever provided. This was a surprisingly light and fun episode, given the band ended up only taking home the bronze, but it also landed a strong sequence of key emotional moments near the end. We might not have gotten another gorgeous performance scene, but this episode still seemed just about right.

You can check out my full review over at ANN, or my notes below.

Opening with smol Kumiko and then a direct echo of that gorgeous Yoroizuka scene from the premiere

Running into Shuichi again

Kumiko’s so friggin’ expressive

Actually a really great conversation between the two of them. Kumiko’s naturalistic voice acting here is wonderful

Everyone’s coming together for the performance. They’re building up the tension well through all this bustling

Jeez, the performance arrives so soon. A great deal less build-up than the episode five peak, emphasizing how things suddenly come to a close

Asuka’s regained her positive attitude and confidence

“It’s my best reed ever.” *fist bump* oh my god Yoroizuka

Another nice scene between Kumiko and Asuka. They turned out to be a great pair – they’re actually very alike, they just present themselves differently

HAH. They did it. They skipped the performance

Of course, it wasn’t about winning. It was about the power of that moment waiting in the stands, putting it all on the line


Praise Teppei Sensei

And of course they don’t get gold – in fact, they got bronze. Ouch

But again, it’s about the effort and passion, not the result

This scene with Taki near the end is actually charming

A message from Masakazu Shindo for the euphoniums: “I’m glad you kept at it all this time. You sounded beautiful.” ahhh

And Asuka’s expressions. So good