Girlish Number – Episode 12

Girlish Number ended with as happy of an ending as you might have hoped for, and frankly a bit happier of an ending than I expected. Even Kuzu-P got to act like a big damn hero this time, though at least his smug posturing was quickly cut down by Chitose. Overall, this was mostly just a workmanly finale to a generally solid show. I’m sad this one sold like crap mostly because I’d like to see Wataru Watari continue to write anime-originals – but hopefully this doesn’t really impact his future plans. Anime could desperately use more prolific writers who construct people so well.

You can check out my full review over at ANN, or my notes below.

Opening with “I can’t help it if I’m late because of the trains. It’s not like it’s my fault.” But circumstances always will conspire against you, and those who succeed do so in spite of that

And Gojo sends the message she needs – “hurry it up or I’ll kill you”

Kazuha and Momoka reflecting on the pain of their first heroine job – the stress, the backtalking, the isolation

Everyone’s cheering Chitose on, and so she pushes forward

She runs the distance herself

This isn’t really dramatically articulated, but it’s the ending the show needs. And Girlish Number has never been particularly visually compelling, outside of the faces

Haha, this little gag about Kuzu-P not understanding how to turn on room recording

And Chitose makes her awkward speech, finally being honest

“Even if we’re weak, sneaky, or underhanded, we have to keep fighting to the very end!” The show dialogue mirrors their own struggles, of course

Another great gag – Chitose’s whole dresser is egg shirts

The quick snark here was great. “Leave this to me.” “Right, it doesn’t matter if you’re there.” And Kuzu’s nightcap