JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable – Review

Today I reviewed the latest of JoJos, Diamond is Unbreakable! This one ultimately rose to be my favorite season, in spite of not really matching the continuous, breakneck entertainment of Battle Tendency. Diamond is Unbreakable just offered so much good stuff, so many great ideas and characters and battles, and all of it framed within the most strangely compelling premise the show has found. I’ve heard both good and bad things about the coming season, but I’m happy this one turned out so well.

You can check out my full review over at ANN.

One thought on “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable – Review

  1. Favorite Jojo season so far. I’m glad I held back from reading the manga all these years, I just love discovering the story in anime format. What I like the most is that Stand users are more fleshed out than before and appear more than once. I wish they were more present and got more interactions with each other but the result here is pretty cool given that Araki wasn’t really planning ahead. Also it’s really awesome that the main cast’s powers, instead of being regular elemental abilities like in other shonen, are more conceptual like “fix things, erase space, stop time, use sounds”. It really shows how unusually creative Jojo gets.

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