March comes in like a lion – Episode 14

March had another middling episode this week, which it feels sad to admit is what I’ve come to expect. The show’s fundamental material is still strong, but it could certainly have used a more courageous adaptation. Sequences like this episode’s first half clearly didn’t demand a full half episode in adaptation form, and the show’s visual motifs are starting to feel kind of abused as well. Still a fan, but it’s certainly not the show it could be.

You can check out my full review over at ANN, or my notes below.

“How arrogant! How did I misread his level so much?”

Rei is embarrassed at how much he let his mind run away with him. He ignored this player, acting according to a narrative in his head

This sequence is pretty slow, though. And it’s leaning heavily on these CG shogi pieces, which aren’t a particularly compelling image

His opponent is actually helping him, though. Shaking him out of his funk, trying to keep him calm

He’s swept away

This post-match review is great. They’re having a conversation we can understand even though we can’t see the plays

I like that we’re getting the adults’ perspective in addition to Rei’s

His opponent calls Harunobu

“You think we should invite him to join the workshop?”

And Smith returns to his cat

This whole first half seemed like it was supposed to feel like a new kind of low, but it just echoed prior segments too much

He sleeps forever and gets dehydrated

“I’m even bad at depression”

He starts looking at job listings

“No good. I don’t taste anything.”

Rei thought self-reliance would itself make him an adult, but he still isn’t certain about anything

“Who eats cold food when they’re depressed? Reach for something warm”

His teacher rightly says he’s over his limit on responsibilities

Shimada was his opponent’s name