March comes in like a lion – Episode 15

March got back onto steadier footing this week, offering a strong episode that made solid use of the show’s secondary cast. The flashback sequences with Kyouko were terrific, and it was also just really nice to see Rei actually invested in something once again. I’m looking forward to the conclusion of this surprisingly gripping match.

You can check out my full review over at ANN, or my episode notes below.

This otherworldly memory of Kyouko sneaking into his room late at night. Something we’ve seen before, something he continuously reflects on

The tone here is perfect

“Don’t touch me. But don’t move away from me”

“Kyouko was like a glass that had a crack in it”

She actually left home to pursue Gotou

“He said ‘there are other things in life than shogi’ when he didn’t even mean it”

“Both of you look at me like I’m a loser. You tiptoe around me”

Rei volunteers to leave instead

Each of them assuring the other they matter more to their father

Imagining the match of Shimada against Gotou as he’s stuck in class

His teacher tells him to go watch the match. Anything he’s actually passionate about is worth encouraging him in

“This is a battle between two people who have faith in themselves”

Gotou wins, and Kyouko appears

“Are you running away from me?” That wonderful framing device of the night she visited him

But he wants to grow up so he can protect her

Shimada is great. Analyzing Gotou, fighting back with confidence

“The only way to make up for a blunder at work is at work”

Grandpa with the great truths

The two are well-matched, and the show conveys that clearly

Rei saved his best friend from his own ego