March comes in like a lion – Episode 16

March had another solid episode this week, buoyed by some strong execution and some fundamentally rewarding material. After that fatiguing low swing over the holidays, Rei seems to have rallied back emotionally, and is actually invested in the world around him again. The show is building up towards his reunion with the sisters, but I’m already having a solid time with his recommitment to shogi practice. Hopefully the show can stay this strong!

You can check out my full review over at ANN, or my notes below.

“Running Through the Night”

These After School Burners scientists are wonderful

Noguchi is the moustache guy

His teacher once again happy to see him enthusiastic, talking positively with other students

“If things feel hopeless alone, rely on someone. Otherwise, to be honest, no one will rely on you”

And Rei thinks of how the sisters have never relied on him. Which doesn’t seem true at all

The music is critical once again. This optimistic piano melody as he runs to the final match

Shimada won! He’s absolutely exhausted, though

Aw, people from Shimada’s home town came a long way to do an article

Shimada realizes there are people who rely on his strength, too. So he pulls it together for the hometown article

Rei realizes Shimada’s conviction is miles greater than his

They suggest the workshop at the same time

I like the pacing of this sequence, stretched out through their friend getting the tea

“Middle of the Slope”

This episode’s much more visually compelling than many of the recent ones. These flourishes in the scene with the sisters are great

Morio Shigeta, another guy at the workshop

I really enjoy watching them talk shop

Oh my god, this adorable bird vignette at the end