Seiren – Episode 6

Seiren continued in its weird, rambling way this week, offering more bizarre one-liners and not all that much else. There was actually a pretty satisfying robot duel between Toru and Tsuneki this episode, but the pleasures are pretty thin on the ground in this show. I can’t really imagine enjoying this show as a romance, which is a pretty damning flaw for a, uh, romance. Ah well.

You can check out my full review over at ANN, or my notes below.

“But bus stops don’t die instantly from headshots, right?”

Shoichi is nervous about losing his crush to other gamers

“Wow, we’re in a milk bath!”

Miyamae goes to an elite prep school. She’s a third year, a year above Shoichi

Ikuo, his friend, seems to be waiting outside the prep school to talk to Miyamae

More boys want to play with Miyamae

Oh no, it’s a fight!

Last arc’s girlfriend Tsuneki is now a thug

The GusGal scenes are actually solidly constructed

Yeah, solid animation and direction here. It feels like a real super robot fight scene

The Princess and the Milk Factory

Apparently Toru Miyamae and Tsuneki have A Past

They were friends in middle school

“Mate with another deer and produce a cute offspring.” Oh my god

This scene is pretty incredible

“Hey, can I have that cherry?”

Toru is running their gaming circle INTO THE GROUND

This is a total non-conflict, though

Turns out the cram school situation was totally benign