March comes in like a lion – Episode 17

March continued its streak of excellent episodes this week, bringing great visual flare to the show’s consistently thoughtful conversations. This episode’s beauty frankly took me a bit by surprise – March is a pretty show, but I haven’t come to expect this level of fresh visual invention for each new episode. Hopefully it’s a sign of good things to come!

You can check out my full review over at ANN, or my notes below.

“Silver Thread”

Three chapters this episode!

Rei’s unsure about supporting Shimada at the Lion King match, Nikaidou isn’t. Nikaidou talks on how important it is to see a familiar face

“Nikaidou, are you actually more mature than me?” YEP

Nikaidou acts with confidence. If he didn’t think he’d one day face the title match, how could he go on?

Lots of silly expression work this episode

“How is Kyouko doing?” His stepfather has to ask Rei about his own daughter. And she claims she’s been staying with him

Souya, the white-haired legend, happens to also be wandering in the garden

They very effectively give him a great sense of presence

This episode’s beautiful in general – love these nature shots, and the use of shadow

The unchanging champion. “I bet the devil has the same kind of face”

“The sixth match is in my hometown.” Shimada doesn’t think he can win, he just wants to get to the sixth round of a best-of-seven

He loses the first one

Kyouko confronts Rei about him confessing to their dad

The sisters show up in the middle of their fight

“So that’s the next home, huh?” Kyouko is ruthless

Hina gets mad about Kyouko

Kyouko follows him home and eats his food. Snarky, petty Kyouko is pretty great

“Which one?” Kyouko asks the obvious question

Kyouko’s getting great material this episode

Kyouko admits she doesn’t know why she’s pursuing Gotou

“If I really were a witch, I wouldn’t have such pathetic hardships”

“Rei, what should I do? I’m scared”

The river that always flows over them when they’re together

“It felt like all we did was sink that night”

“We haven’t been able to become siblings nor remain strangers”

Nikaidou moves up to Rei’s rank

He can face Nikaidou as an equal, but not Kyouko