March comes in like a lion – Episode 18

March returned to its usual level of execution this week, but was still a generally good time, and still had a couple nice visual highlights. Shimada continues to be a remarkably welcome addition to the cast, to the point where he already feels like one of the main characters. I’m still looking forward to whenever Rei actually visits the sisters again, though, and am guessing Akari will have some interesting words for him next week.

You can check out my full review over at ANN, or my notes below.

Continuing directly from last week

Analyzing one of Shimada’s defeats from the previous Lion King tournament

A very silly Star Wars segment

“Sorry Kiriyama. This is a workshop, so verbalize your feelings for us”

Shimada asks just Rei to come back the next day

“Straight losses… that’s the one thing I don’t want”

A lovely guitar track to accompany the two of them talking about Shimada’s hometown

Lovely contrast here – Rei has trouble articulating his thoughts on the board state, but now he’s drawing out Shimada’s conflicting thoughts on his hometown

Also a great articulation of their match here

Rei is overwhelmed by Shimada’s thoughts

The use of water continues to be beautiful

The rain continues

Rei’s resolve seems even stronger now. He’s in a much better spot than he was over winter

Rei’s school year ends

The teacher Mr. Hayashida has a great moment of helping Rei recognize his own accomplishments

The two younger sisters arrive

Rei nicely coming to terms with his relationship with Kyouko by describing it to Hina and Momo

Hina and Momo are totally satisfied by this, but Akari understands that’s actually worse – they don’t act like siblings at all

Shimada’s thoughts on “home” versus Rei’s