Bakemonogatari – Episode 7

We powered through the second episode of Suruga Monkey this time, which was largely spent establishing Araragi and Kanbaru’s relationship. The two of them have a pretty great rapport – like with Mayoi, they’re basically immediately friends, but unlike with Mayoi, at least half of Kanbaru’s jokes involve dunking on Araragi. I can’t say I mind having her lead the story for a bit!

You can check out my full review over at ANN, or my notes below.

Araragi lies without hesitation, saying he just fell down himself. Senjougahara probably doesn’t believe him, but also doesn’t challenge him yet

Once again, Senjougahara uses her sexuality in an absurd way to express her bond

The opening text monologue discusses the pop culture nature of a monkey’s paw

Kanbaru’s room, stuffed with identical books

Kanbaru’s usual nature – she’s extremely forward with Araragi, but that just makes him more nervous

This goofy sequence of them having a book snowball fight is hilarious and also cements their friendship

There’s no hiding the truth – Kanbaru immediately admits she was responsible for the previous night

Mayoi makes jokes that Araragi can follow up on – wordplay, references, “I flubbed it,” etc. Kanbaru makes directly sexual gags that stop Araragi flat

Kanbaru thought up her own nickname, lol

She shows him the monkey’s paw

“It grants wishes in ways that run counter to its owner’s intentions”

Senjougahara’s crab issue was very similar. So was Araragi’s lost cow, which kept him from going home

The pattern is reflecting something Oshino said – that people can only help themselves. Attempting to get help from others, at least when it comes to dealing with internal emotional problems, results in monkey’s paw solutions

It seems callous, but there’s more to it than that

Also her flattery. He can’t really handle that

There’s a weird sexual element to him touching the paw

She goes into a trance state

The arm is framed as both containing Senjougahara and growing in hideous, contorted ways

“Let’s move on to the main issue. I’m a lesbian”

Kanbaru was indeed in love with Senjougahara

Senjougahara changed after middle school, with her affliction

Kanbaru presumptuously thought she could save Senjougahara, just like Araragi

The use of these staplers to convey Kanbaru’s irritation at Araragi is great

Once more, it’s the specificity of this monologue that creates character. We learn the specific tenor of the relationship between them before, and the complexity of her feelings of jealousy

“I was jealous of you, disillusioned with her, and disgusted with myself for feeling that way”

She wished on the paw to be by Senjougahara’s side

She’s tormenting him with her sexuality, but can’t help but frame it in the terms she’s used to, stuff like BL

“I beg your pardon, but if I can be so forward, Araragi-senpai…”

“Even girls have an interest in dirty fantasies”

Araragi actually gets caught up in her distractions

“Why don’t we dispense with such trivial details, Araragi?”

“There’s no way that someone can take someone else’s place”

It’s a Rainy Devil

It’s a devil’s hand