Seiren – Episode 11

Seiren’s third arc is almost at its close this week, and dear lord do I not have any more words to spend on this show. Blurrrgghhhhh. That’s all I got. Seiren is nothing. It offers me nothing to talk about. It’s probably not the worst show I’ve reviewed weekly, but it is almost certainly the most Nothing show. This is a seasonal workout I was not expecting.

You can check out my review over at ANN, or my limited notes below.

Shoichi saves Kyoko from a truck, as you do

I assume this episode will be about coming to see Shoichi as a boy

Shoichi gets exonerated of all wrongdoing in the Christmas date affair

Shoichi says he’s fine with things staying the same

Kyoko is kind of torturing Shoichi here. Bringing him underwear shopping

Each of them treats the other like a kid in some ways, and each of them doesn’t want to be treated like a kid

“I can’t say I’m thrilled to be thought of as a grade schooler”

Old memories at the playground

And then Ikuo is there, being a dork

Ikuo got turned down. “I don’t want to be ‘just friends’ anymore!”

I like that Toru is charmed by Shoichi’s goofiness in this arc, too

“It’s not easy to be a teenage boy, huh?” This arc’s somewhat tongue-in-cheek tone saves it, though that’s kind of the default for Seiren