Spring 2017 – First Impressions, Part Two

The season just keeps on rambling! I’m frankly pretty overwhelmed at the moment – not only is this one of the larger seasons we’ve had, well, ever, but I’m also juggling maybe half a dozen other articles per week, along with a variety of other boring responsibilities. So I hope you guys appreciate me cataloging all this crap! I’m guessing the rest of the shows will just be folded into the overall Virtually Every First Episode Retrospective, but until then, you can check out the full list over at ANN or click through to my individual scores and reviews below. LET’S GET TO IT!

Sakura Quest – 4.5/5

Boruto – 4.5/5

Tsuki ga Kirei – 4/5

The Royal Tutor – 4/5

Love Tyrant – 3/5

Armed Girls Machiavellism – 2.5/5

Saekano Flat – 2/5

Clockwork Planet – 2/5

Sagrada Reset – 1.5/5

Akashic Records of Bastard Magical Instructor – 1/5

One thought on “Spring 2017 – First Impressions, Part Two

  1. I was a little surprised that you and the other ANN reviewers gave Sakura Quest such high marks. I’ve been a PA Works fan for years now -their spectacularly animated 2009 action series Canaan put them on my radar, while their 2011 coming of age drama Tari Tari is one of my favorite series for down to earth drama. However it seems to me they could use a steadier hand in the writing department. Both the series I mentioned had issues with their endings (particularly Canaan) and aside from that I just find the writing for their shows can be a bit… I’m not sure if “flakey” is quite the right word but hopefully it gets the point across.

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