Tsuki ga Kirei – Episodes 1-3

Man, this show is going to be a lot of fun to write about. It’s pretty much brimming with all the small, well-observed details of human interaction that make Kyoto Animation shows so special, and it’s also got a lovely sense of humor that occasionally dunks on its cast without ever feeling judgmental. It’s really just charming and well-constructed all around. If you’re not watching it, check it out!

You can read my full review of the first three episodes over at ANN, or my episode three notes below.

Opening with a bunch of incidental pillow shots establishing the atmosphere of the school in silence

This show feels like a Kyoto Animation drama for many reasons, and that’s one – the importance of the space these characters inhabit, and in the camera making this place feel real and lived in. We are attuned to the setting and minutiae of their lives

We see the other classmates, too. The fact that this all takes place in a larger social context is critical – you can’t just have characters monologuing in empty spaces unless that itself is also the point

Both of our leads are “normal” but complicated, and their feelings for each other don’t exist in some kind of desire-vacuum. It’s refreshing

Lots of small glances

The character acting is still solid, too

Which reflects another reason Kyoto Animation is special – most shows can’t rely on the strengths they do

Kotarou’s distracted by trying to get his story published, can’t focus on exams

Kotarou stressing and celebrating over texts is always so good

Lots of gossip, but every friend group is different

Hira’s the rival boy

“Romance doesn’t come down to chance. It comes down to volition.”

An odd little scene focused on Akane’s friend from the track team

Agonizing over asking her if there’s a boy she likes

These CG characters…

This insert song is lovely

Neither of them feeling comfortable sending the text


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  1. My favourite part of ep 2 was how the boy progressed from quoting sad passages from literature that aligned with his wolrdview to realizing that perhaps sometimes these quotes a bit bullshit. Made me smile broadly.

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