The Eccentric Family 2 – Episode 6

The Eccentric Family seemed to step back into the mode of the first season this week, offering the same sort of rambling afternoon adventures that defined the original’s first half. I was perfectly happy to see that – The Eccentric Family excels at its own whimsical interpretation of slice of life, and this episode was no exception. The Eccentric Family’s hell is a pretty great time.

You can check out my full review over at ANN, or my notes below.

“Arima Hell”

Yodogawa, Yasaburo’s professor friend, is implicated in some sort of sexual harassment scandal. He’s advised to stay “in the forest” and conduct his research until it blows over

Mom tanuki sends a gift with Yasaburo for saving her life

“It’s a coup d’etat by the associate professors. The Friday Club is trying to get back at me”

Suzuki, a guy who seems to be the professor’s assistant

Tenmaya seemed to contribute to the professor’s downfall, and has returned

They’re literally living in a cabin in the woods, surviving on pheasants and boars

The Friday Club will be at the Arima Onsen tonight

Remembering his dad in the hot spring

Kaisei appears. Well, not “appears,” but you know

Kureichiro, apparently another Ebisugawa son

Yasaburo talks about how well he understands Benten, but he can’t provide a satisfying answer to Kaisei’s simple “why don’t you ask her how she feels?” He is not legitimately supportive of her

Yasaburo tailing the Friday Club

They go into what looks like an abandoned building. Yasaburo follows, and finds… his father?

Excellent shift in tone here, managed largely by the lighting

The portal to hell

Soun is getting the professor’s vacant spot in the Friday Club

“My brother managed to destroy all my prospects in this life.” Once again, the question of what being a tanuki means, along with what is the value of a life. Yasaburo’s father may have died, but he still “lived life to the fullest” – Soun has not had that chance

Soun has become a mythic figure

Oh my god, he’s actually in the painting. Incredible

This vision of hell is so good

An industrial hell, where everything feels artificial and broken down

Yasaburo runs into the stall Tenmaya ran in the painting

He’s getting hit on by an oni lady. This is pretty great

The logistics of commuting in hell

“The industrial revolution of Hell”

The different styles of oni in these crowd shots are great

Benten of course spends her leisure hours wrestling demons

“I come down once in a while to gather oni horns. It makes for a great workout”