The Eccentric Family 2 – Episode 7

Holy crap they killed Soun. Really didn’t see that one coming. I’d figured after the first season, he’d either be gone forever or a threat forever – I didn’t expect him to come back, briefly threaten Yasaburo once more, and then die in ignominy. This episode managed to draw a poignancy out of his passing that I also didn’t expect, but then again, that’s Eccentric Family’s bread and butter. But anyway, let’s get to the piece!

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“The Friday Club Once Again”

They stop by Jyurojin’s fabled train, the one that was getting repaired and thus unavailable in the first season

“Does this painting frighten you as well?” “Of course. I feel like I’m looking at my own insides.”

Jyurojin was a figure of total mystery and menace in the first season. It’s nice to get a closer look

Like Benten, he’s someone who’s rarely fooled by what’s happening, but who can be dealt with as long as he’s amused

The third level of the train has an entire bamboo forest and outdoor bath inside. Once again, those who master this world can make of it whatever they wish

The colors for this segment are gorgeous

Professor Yodogawa is also there!

“Now the Thursday Club and Friday Club can finally meet”

Yasaburo gets to mess with Soun

Benten shows up, of course

Tenmaya is working for Jyurojin again

“Here we go again, Professor Sophistry.” Yep, Yodogawa is pretty much all nonsense

“Love is something you force upon others.” An interesting thought

Yodogawa’s in the firing line. Once again, that rifle appears

Yasaburo takes the opportunity to make a speech about leaving the Thursday Club, and denouncing Yodogawa’s idea of love

Benten: “Then why don’t you just join the Friday Club?” Oh shit

Benten offers Jyurojin the flying kettle, as a gift from herself and Yasaburo. A gift that easily trounces Soun’s

And Yasaburo snags Soun’s seat. Ahaha

Soun loses it

Soun never gets redeemed. He dies in anger and disgrace. But he’s still an understandable man

“He was a monster, but he was still my father’s brother. He was a monster, but he was still my father”

One thought on “The Eccentric Family 2 – Episode 7

  1. Bobduh, having just finished the first season there is one question I really wish to know. Why is Benten so well-liked, both in-universe and by real-life audiences? She’s shown to be the one human who actually interacts and knows tanuki on a personal level, and to even feel guilty having eating their father knowing how painful it is to them. This is framed as something that would make her sympathetic, but to me it just makes her the most frivolous character—because she understands tanuki and their emotions on a personal level but doesn’t truly care enough to stop eating them or do anything at all.

    Even the professor in the first series takes a stand against tradition and defends tanuki despite only having known them in non-human form. So why would Benten be likable when even a human who isn’t nearly as close to the tanuki can know that it is wrong to eat them?

    I’m not hating and I love the show and its themes, but I truly don’t understand why anyone would like Benten, let alone find her to be a great character. To me she just seems like a spoiled brat who does whatever she likes even if it is painful to the people(tanuki) she knows, just because she can get away with it because everyone is for some reason floored by her being attractive.

    Thanks for any clarification, love your work.

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