Tsuki ga Kirei – Episode 8

After several weeks of navigating various relationship crises, Akane and Kotarou finally got to have a genuinely good time for most of this episode. Their relationship blossomed very naturally across the course of this episode’s lengthy date, drawing them closer together in a way that felt totally true-to-life. These kids are alright.

You can check out my full review over at ANN, or my brief notes below.

Now their relationship is buzzing around the school

Yep, more gossiping in the classroom

“What do you like about him?” “I dunno.” Their relationship has no obvious basis – they like each other because they like each other. It’s awkward, but also true to life

Great sequence where Kotarou turns to look at Akane, and the whole class turns as well. Really nicely articulates their public status

Their small pre-meeting rituals. Kotarou getting all jazzed up about Akane, Akane spritzing a bit of perfume on

They’re starting to talk more comfortably now

And now we see Akane kinda falling for him over the course of his dance performance

His friends at the dance rehearsal give him some money and push him to take Akane out to a shrine

Ah, it’s a summer festival

Some of the show’s nicest backgrounds and colors yet

Something in common – they both like old-fashioned stuff

“When’s your birthday?” More getting to know each other

Coming to the point of calling each other Akane and Kotarou