Tsuki ga Kirei – Episode 9

The hammer started to fall in this week’s Tsuki ga Kirei, as narrative convention more or less demanded. Akane’s potential move seems like it could strike a fatal blow for our young lovers, but I hope they at least manage to enjoy what they still have. That aside, this was a pretty excellent Tsuki ga Kirei in all regards, as my review attests. Let’s get to it!

You can check out my full review over at ANN, or my notes below.

The classic career choice sheet

“Have you picked your first choice school?”

Right, high school. I keep forgetting they’re middle schoolers – they act more mature than a lot of anime high schoolers

We’ve reached the point where they’re organizing dates without our knowledge. That’s just normal for them

Wow, they’ve gotten so much more natural speaking to each other. It’s been wonderful seeing this develop

The animation in this sequence is also great

Akane’s dad announced he’s being transferred, so their family is probably moving

I appreciate the precise articulation of their very different home environments

She can’t tell him about the move, but he still makes her feel better through their texts

Kotarou secretly goes to her last track meet anyway

She did it! She won, with a new personal best

A really cute scene of them crying over track being over

“Hira, have you not given up?” “I haven’t even taken a shot yet”

“You can’t change how you feel”

“Go wherever you need to go to do what you love.” Aw, Kotarou’s dad supports him

Akane’s response to Kotarou admitting he went to the meet is great