My Monster Secret, Volume 4 – Review

Today I return to that reliable harem staple, My Monster Secret. This volume wasn’t as entertaining as previous ones, but part of that partially comes down to structural issues inherent in the genre, and other parts come down to the fact that the author actually does seem to be trying to improve. Having already read the fifth volume, it seems like this is just a temporary stumbling block, so I’m not terribly worried. Keep on keeping on, Asahi!

You can check out my full review over at ANN, or my notes below.

We’re into the long-running harem doldrums at this point – everybody likes everybody, there’s a whole lot of blushing and near-confessions, things barely move forward

That said, these characters are likable, and there are still goofy flourishes here and there. The class rep confessing in her mind while MC has ice cream cones in his eyes is wonderful

And Shiragami just realized she’s in love with MC too

The next chapter is based on her sorta-maybe-not coming to terms with those feelings. Many miles to go before she sleeps (with him)

And a full chapter dedicated to the whole gang racing to buy limited-edition hamburgers, complete with tragic slips and dramatic vows to bring the burgers home

And the next chapter is them going on a camping trip

The principal offers to drive, but of course, she hasn’t driven a car for a hundred years

A fairly simple slapstick chapter all around

The manga’s most common problem at this point is feeling too busy. Too many characters in a scene, too many conversations and things happening. The manga tries to impress through volume of gags and energy, when it should just focus on fewer smarter ideas

They arrive at Shiragami’s house

Her dad is an angry giant

The manga’s layouts are getting more ambitious, but the artist’s sense of perspective isn’t really there yet. It’s a transition period

Shiragami’s cluelessness is very good

“He’s looking really hard… for the UFO!!” Okay, this sequence is great. The mangaka has a good fundamental sense of comedic progression – he builds jokes up well

MC ends up getting stuck sleeping at the actual house, with Shiragami’s dad

Silver forks and knives “hurt vampires if you stab us.” lol

“All night… in this room with you?” DUN DUN DUN

Shiragami’s mom is totally into this scenario, of course

Shiragami just can’t help falling asleep during her own romantic comedy

A new girl approaches

Yeah, more conversations that are just disjointed and too busy

Rin Kiryuin, a new girl with a sword. She claims Asahi said he loves her

She’s Asahi’s granddaughter from the future