Tsuki ga Kirei – Episode 12

And so Tsuki ga Kirei comes to an end. Like the show itself, this episode was imperfect but unbelievably charming, a soothing balm in a very harsh world. Tsuki ga Kirei let its lovable heroes enjoy their happy ending, and even spoiled us with a charming credits sequence of their life down the road. I’m gonna miss these awkward kids.

You can check out my full review over at ANN, or my episode notes below.

Aw jeez. He didn’t get accepted to her school

A classic trick – him stranded in the corner of the bedroom

“I’ve lived a life full of embarrassments”

Several shots of them small in the frame

Dark, forbidding colors at the bookshop, normally his sanctuary

“They say nothing an author goes through is in vain”

Both of them get similar shots, though at opposite ends of each of their bedrooms

Chinatsu finally gets her confession scene

This episode’s really heavy on the texting

Kotarou’s started writing again

When Kotarou regains his confidence and continues to pursue writing, he once again fills the screen

And so he takes the next step of posting his story on an online novel board

“It’ll be the same as always.” She can’t really connect with his feelings

Akane is worried because Kotarou didn’t tell her about the confession

This greatsequence of Akane crying

This separation of the river is great

Not really sure the episode built up to this breakdown, though

Chinatsu actually finds his story, and it’s all about his feelings for Akane. Aw