Summer 2017 – First Impressions, Part Two

And we’re back with the second volley of new premieres! The summer season continues to be pretty much terrible on the whole so far, with my prospects at this point basically just amounting to one new show. Fortunately, that new show was actually terrific – I’ve heard questionable things about the source material, but Made in Abyss’s first episode was phenomenal. And hey, you guys don’t actually have to watch everything else, you can just enjoy me suffer.

As usual, you can see the full list of reviews over at ANN, or click below for my latest scores and direct links. Happy hunting!

Made in Abyss – 5/5

Fastest Finger First – 3/5

Convenience Store Boy Friends – 3/5

Saiyuki Reload Blast – 3/5

LOVE and LIES – 3/5

18if – 2.5/5

Dive!! – 2/5