Classroom of the Elite – Episode 4

Classroom of the Elite continued its general downward trend this week, firmly shifting from “I guess this could maybe be good I dunno” into “nope, this is just a generally bad anime” territory. The show’s odds were pretty long from the start, given it opened with a fair number of weaknesses and its theoretical strengths would be very tough to realize, but it’s still always disappointing to see a show fall apart. Ah well.

You can check out my full review over at ANN, or my episode notes below.

This one’s quote is about lies, unsurprisingly

This has ceased to be a show that I expect better than random, pointless fanservice from

Ichinose, the girl from Class B

Ayanokoji’s the MC, Kushida’s the genki girl

So is Ichinose gonna be the actual, replacement nice girl? That’s boring in its own way – it’d be better if Kushida were two-faced but also sympathetic

She wants him to pretend to be her boyfriend so she can let some suitor down gently

The suitor is a girl, and it’s actually treated respectfully! That’s nice

Ayanokoji continues to be perfect, offering exactly the right advice

Really striking shot of the student council room in darkness here

Wow, those three dudes who bullied Sudo filed a complaint against him

“Those class D apes must be throwing a fit right now.” This celebration room is so damn over-the-top

Okay, the bouncer saying “Bad boy” in english is great

This show is a little too slow-paced to be this stupid and plot-focused

Horikita’s the main girl

Ishizaki’s the ringleader of the three thugs

Ichinose has over two millions points

Sakura, a girl from their class, is the witness

Another cool shot – Suda fighting these guys against the window

Looks like Sakura might even have photo evidence

Does Kushida just have two entirely separate personalities? That is also extremely boring

Ayanokoji talking about how you’re a slave to your existing reputation

“My mask… I don’t want anyone to know about it.” God, this show’s view of people is so simplistic