Classroom of the Elite – Episode 9

This week’s Classroom of the Elite represented a big step in the right direction for the show, returning to its bombastic comfort zone with a Lord of the Flies setup perfectly suited to its strengths. Even the show’s visual execution was much more engaging here, and the small outbursts of comedy were well-implemented as well. Classroom is certainly not going to turn into a good show, but this week put it on the right track to being an entertaining one.

You can check out my full review over at ANN, or my notes below.

This first segment is pretty great – letting fault lines emerge naturally within the class, and also treating the class as a meaningful group of people, and not just the background characters

The jungle setting also results in some nicer backgrounds and lighting than the show’s usual fare

We’re also getting a brief conversation about the leads’ goals beyond school, which helps give this show a sense of reality

The class leader rightly points out that spending points in moderation may be wisest, since it maintains morale

“Not taking a role makes you stand out from the group”

The “beautiful” guy sure gets some silly scenes

Koenji is the guy

Ayanokoji getting tired of his shit as he keeps Tarzaning ahead is pretty great. It’s nice seeing Ayanokoji actually aggravated

Really any sign of humanity or weakness in Ayanokoji is welcome

This setup is well-done as well. Only leaders can claim spots, and if you find out another class’s leader, you can gain fifty points

Katsuragi, the bald dude from Class A, gives away his leader role

Hirata’s the natural leader type for D

Ike demonstrates some actual individuality – he’s accustomed to camping

Horikita just ignoring Ayanokoji is great

Ibuki of Class C, the girl from the ship

Hirata sets a realistic point schedule for them

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