Tsuredure Children – Episode 12

We finally bid goodbye to Tsuredure Children this week, at least for the moment. This episode wasn’t much of a conclusion, but it was still a fine episode of Tsuredure Children, and that’s a very good thing to be. I’ll pick up the manga if I have to, but I do hope we get a second season eventually – there are few romantic comedies out there as funny, charming, or genuinely incisive as Tsuredure Children. See you next time, you incredible dorks.

You can check out my full review over at ANN, or my notes below.

Seeing the various classes compete against each other is another nice way of reminding us that these students all share a larger world together

Starting with Yamane and Kurihara, the awkward boy and the girl who crushes on him

This festival echoes the previous episode’s use of the final tests as a linking thread

Takase, the texting guy, is actually athletic, and scores a goal on foureyes

Kanda’s the girl he likes. They’re still awkward as hell

Chiaki and Kana, the couple in serious trouble

This arc does also demonstrate the limitations of the show’s animation. There’s a whole lot of close physical interactions here between friends, but it’s all pretty stiff

Seeing the whole class together gives them a nice sense of reality

Takano and Sugawara, emotionless girl and her crush

Takano’s getting more expressive all the time

The show really is trying very hard to portray a dynamic soccer game. Some multi-plane pans, etc

I like this girl who’s just here to have fun playing soccer

Sugawara and Takano’s friends are trying to get them together

I like how this episode’s looser structure results in its drama feeling natural, and not like staged bits

Oh my god, Chiaki’s battery is dead. This pair have used misunderstanding conflicts a time too many

Some nice dramatic shots of everyone

Yeah, this second half is quite good

Aw, Chiaki really does respect how much he hurt Kana

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  1. There had better be a second season – I’ve never seen an adaptation cut off that close to a natural ending point. Literally the next chapter would have been the perfect place to stop, as it contains a major resolution to arc that the show covered.

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