Classroom of the Elite – Episode 12

Classroom of the Elite actually ended pretty well this week, tying a satisfying bow on its most generally effective arc. The series of betrayals and counter-betrayals made for a very propulsive watch, and we even got some decent character moments with a few members of the secondary cast. In the end, Classroom certainly wasn’t a very good show, but it only really fell into terrible territory for its middle act there. Thank you Classroom for not being worse than you were.

You can check out my full review over at ANN, or my notes below.

It turns out Ibuki’s actually working for Class A

Some nice closeups in this first segment, also the lack of music is a good choice

This conversation between Horikita and Ayanokoji is also directed pretty well

Horikita admits she’s just trying to get her brother’s acknowledgment

This is a big moment for Horikita. Also acknowledging that her attitude left her without friends, which hurt her here

I like how the class’s actual leader Hirata is portrayed – a decent and competent guy who’s trying hard but is in way over his head

Ryuen actually stayed on the island himself. And it seems like he was in cahoots with Class A for their project – but now it also looks like Ryuen betrayed Class A

A contract proposed by Ryuen on the first day: Class C would give Class A 200 points worth of goods, and also inform them of the leaders of classes B and D

Apparently he also had a mole in Class A, who was part of the other A leader’s faction, and burned up a bunch of A points

But why would the Class A guy trust Ryuen here at all? I suppose he doesn’t see how this could go badly for him, but this seems like an absurdly one-sided deal

Ryuen has another meeting with his teaching, writing down the three other leaders

Apparently guessing a class’s leader negates their bonus points?

Class C ended up with zero, A with 120, B with 140, and D with 225

Right, Katsuragi is the bald dude

I love this sequence of Katsuragi being harassed like a disgraced politician. He didn’t actually betray his class, he was just beaten in the game

“It’s really expensive, but you can buy it… the right to join the class you want”

Oh wow. Ayanokoji used Horikita’s failing health to justify changing the leader to himself. Nice, very cynical play

He actually organized almost all the bad events around Horikita in order to make Ibuki’s actions predictable

Ayanokoji also reads Katsuragi’s actions perfectly

And now Horikita gets all the credit

“I hate her because she has no hidden side. She’s the opposite of me.” Finally, character development for this girl!

Ah. Ryuen’s contract also stated he’d get 20,000 points from Class A every month until graduation

And Ayanokoji reveals he’s secretly totes evil