Just Because! – Episode 3

Hey guys, it turns out Just Because! is a really, really, really good show. After two excellent opening episodes, the show continued with… an almost equally excellent third episode. The character acting has dipped a bit, but that’s to be expected of a mortal show, and everything else about the production remains absolutely stellar. We rarely get a show that so completely surprises me, but at the moment, Just Because! is on track to conclude near the top of my year’s rankings. Good times!

You can check out my full episode review over at ANN, or my notes below.

We’re opening with photography girl!

Once again, extending a sequence beyond its standard dramatic length. We follow this girl as she heads in high spirits, string instruments echoing her elation… and then it starts to rain, and she realizes she really should have gotten his phone number. An odd little moment that underlines the kind of person she is

A little glimpse of Haruto’s home life. He lives with his mother and grandparents, his father passed away, and his mom works at the hospital all the time. Efficient storytelling – the show can be very efficient when it needs to be

Ena Komiya is the photographer. Compulsive in all things

Mio’s “she’s really putting her all into it” underlines her own apathy, or distance from this moment. She already feels apart from this world

Hanging out with Hazuki, and Yoriko comes over again

“Does the college you got a recommendation for have a band?” “They have a band appreciation society.” Ouch

Yoriko’s sensitive, but not amazingly sensitive. Her concern for Hazuki giving up music is very charming, even though Hazuki has clearly through this through

“I’ll graduate and get a job. I’m going to help with the family business some day.” Everyone reflecting on their futures

Ena’s two clubmates are pretty horny for her. We get a brief fanservicey shot reflecting their thoughts as she approaches

Love the atmosphere of this episode. The backgrounds are beautiful, the sense of a rainy day is palpable

Eita’s “I’d be looked down on if I didn’t at least study hard” is scoffed at by his friend, but it’s as good a reason as any of them have at the moment

Love his exchange of expressions here

A fair number of perspective shots this week. Some interesting direction overall

Soma deleting his “so cute” text is fantastic. His expression is wonderful

This episode’s been a bit more conservative animation-wise, but also less rough

This cute little “twelve minutes ago” device is so absurd

Yoriko doing her best to set Hazuki and Soma up is adorable

Yoriko is so great

I love this cut from the closeup to the long shot of them alone in this park. Emphasizes Yoriko’s feelings of entrapment in a very cute way

This episode is full of great faces

Ena’s so excited about her image she didn’t even consider the possibility Eita would say no. Her slow realization here is amazing

Oh my god, Ena just asks if they’re dating

This whole dramatic setup with the dog is so fucking ridiculous, I love it

So Ena will help Eita get over his fear of dogs