Just Because! – Episode 10

This was a pretty routine episode of Just Because!, though I might just be saying that because the big focus scene this time was centered on Hazuki and Haruto, and neither of those people are Ena. Regardless, it offered that same blend of grounded romance and melancholy that has been the show’s most consistent export, and things really do seem to be coming towards a satisfying close. Just Because! remains an unassumingly excellent character drama.

You can check out my full review over at ANN, or my episode notes below.

Mio’s applying to Joei now, which I believe is Eita’s school?

They’re at the point where going to school is actually unusual, since everyone’s setting themselves up for their future paths. Increasingly loud reminders of school’s end

The difference between Mio and Ena – Mio wonders if Eita’s at school, Ena actually texts him

Mio sees the Ena phone background

Mio is such a mope

Ena feels responsible

“I’m completely serious about him!” Mio is actually relieved to still feel in love with him after that. Given the way the Haruto situation played out, her happiness is understandable

Hazuki and Haruto play out the way she used to play for the baseball team. It’s romantic, but also nostalgic – their closest memories were these strange, lost moments from the past. We never got to see their glory days

That thought actually reflects how Just Because! sorta occupies the time right after most high school romance anime end. This show doesn’t offer the buildup, it offers the confession and the awkward fallout

Aw jeez, Haruto’s tears when Hazuki turns him down. For very practical reasons, too – they’re just both gonna be in very different places

Haruto’s such a good boy. “You really took a lot into consideration for me”

“Wait until my college life settles down. If you still like me at that point, then go out with me.” HAZUKI YOU JERK OH MY GOD WHY’D YOU DRAG IT OUT LIKE THAT YOU ASSHOLE

Aw, this scene with Haruto biking back doesn’t quite come together. They’re clearly trying to place us in his head through the perspective shot, but it’d have been better to stick with the sidelong shot and focus on his changing expressions. A concession to the schedule, I guess, but a sad one

Ena calls Eita out. Her expressions this episode are so good

Ena got a good luck charm for Eita from every shrine she could find. Jeez Ena

Eita and Ena continue to have a great rapport. “How does it taste?” “It’s cold, so I can’t taste anything”

Meeting on the train platform is perfect for this show