March comes in like a lion – Episode 35

Though Trump’s active presidency has reduced some of the humor of dril’s “Trump has no time to fuck” tweet, rest assured, I am feeling exactly that tweet at the moment. Still buried under preview week work, still got many projects to do today. What’s this post about? March! Right, March had an episode. It was fine. Here’s my review, and you can check out my notes below. I’M OFF!

Mr. Kokubu is the teacher

I love this greyscale segment starring the bully

That flower again, echoing the early bullying episodes

This lack of background music is excellent

She starts talking about how it’s all society’s fault, and he can’t understand how she feels. He responds smartly, not validating her evasions. “So tell me how you feel!”

The girl’s only growth so far is “I know I got in trouble”

The teacher had all of the bullies isolated with teachers in other classrooms, and then without anyone to snitch, asked the rest of the class what was really going on

“Is it okay if I don’t forgive them?” Damn, Hina

Kokubu reflects on the difficulty of his work. You can teach a kid times tables and grade him on how well he learns them, but you can’t teach kids to care about the feelings of other people

A letter from Chiho!

She won’t get the validation she wants from her bully. Bullies will only disappoint you. Instead she has to get it from the other decent people in her life, and from the effects her positive actions have on those people

Rei visits the house and finds Hina sleeping in the sun

This sequence is really nice. Lovely to have a peaceful segment after all this suffering

The other classmates apologize and invite Hina over to bake cookies

The cookies were bad, but they still tasted delicious with friends

Rei apologizes for not doing anything, and Hina calls him an idiot