2015 – Year in Review

Aw dang, it’s Wednesday. That technically makes it time for the week in review, but there’s a bit of a problem – most of the shows I was watching have actually ended, so I don’t really have much to talk about. I’ve already written enough words about Beautiful Bones to last several lifetimes, and I even covered IBO on my ask.fm, so in the absence of much to discuss, I guess I’m just gonna pack this one in. Cya next time, guys!

Alright, clearly I’m not doing that. I wouldn’t have written that opening paragraph in the first place if I was just going to end it there. Instead, let’s do the very stupidest and most labor-intensive thing to replace the week in review. It’s December 30th, 2015 has been a pretty interesting year for me, and I might as well take a brief moment to look back. Let’s turn our eyes back to the year that was and RUN IT DOWN.

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Media Commissions Update

Heyo again! I mentioned a week ago that I’d be working towards making communal commissions more convenient, and today I’ve got some ideas on that front. Instead of my book or ask.fm questions, I’m adding the option to direct any Patreon donation of $5 or more towards writeups on any show/movie. I’ll also be adding a direct donation button for one-time donations that can work the same way (or be aimed at the old tiers, or just help me out in general). I’ll be needing to keep track of these communal show-lines, so I’ve created a page to track progress towards new writeups on anything people are interested in.

To keep it from looking lonely, I’ve, er, donated ten dollars to myself for three projects people have mentioned in the past – episodic writeups on Hyouka, Madoka, and Evangelion. But feel free to pick your own favorites – once anyone has donated towards something, I’ll post its progress up there ASAP, which will make it visible and more likely to get more support. And I’ve also added the ability to directly donate while avoiding Patreon, which will hopefully make things more convenient for everyone.

I also got questions about a few more types of commissionable work, so I’ll run those down as well. Having me proofread your own articles/criticism will likely run you about $45-75, depending the length of the piece. Manga writeups go for $120/volume (which generally run eight chapters). And writeups of visual novels totally depend on the length of the visual novel, but would be comparable to book reviews if they’re a comparable length.

I think that covers it! Let me know if you have any other questions, and thanks again for your support!

edit I’ve gotten a couple people who wanted to just donate in general, and didn’t care where I sent the support. This strikes me as a really good way to make sure shows actually get finished, so feel free to just make a general donation, and I’ll assign your support to a show that’s already being supported but could use a push. That’ll hopefully maximize the number of writeups I can put out, as well as ensure shows don’t just peter out halfway through!

Freelance Commission Info!

Heyo! So, someone mentioned I should write up some general guidelines on commissioning work of various kinds, and I’ve just recently finished a couple freelance projects, so it seems like a good time to get on that (it was always a good time to get on that). I do anime writing and freelance work full time now, so I’m always available for projects, be they editing/proofreading/reviewing of your own work or aiming me at some show/film I haven’t seen and saying Go. Hey waddayaknow, here’s a nice comment from someone whose book I just finished critiquing:

Nick’s comments on my novel ranged from large structural suggestions to tiny writing pointers, and he has a knack for articulating how the issues affect the reader experience. His observations challenged decisions I’d taken for granted, changed the way I thought about my characters, and laid the groundwork for some very substantial improvements. If you’re in the market for honest, professional proofreading, Nick’s your guy!”

ANYWAY. I’m very available for that kind of work, and will normally charge around $250-300 for a full set of notes and final writeup on a novel (depending on the length/density of the book, of course), with smaller projects shrinking in cost appropriately. I work via the standard half beforehand, half at the end deal (like all good criminals), and generally only actually charge anything once I’m into the text and have a pretty clear idea of how long the whole project will take. But commissions aren’t exclusive to writing stuff – I’m also perfectly happy to let you guys dictate what shows I watch and write about. For commissioning writeups of existing shows or movies, I’ve broken down what I can afford time-wise, and it comes out to:

$75 per episode if you want actual writeups on each of them, and not just notes or whatnot.

$90 per three episodes for just notes, which I take naturally as I watch.

$450 for a whole 1-cours season of notes plus a writeup of some kind (likely a review-shaped piece, since I can actually produce those reliably regardless of my feelings on the work, but this can always be discussed).

$150 for a movie plus notes plus writeup.

Here’s info on more potential purchases.

If you can think of anything else you’d like me to do for money, I’d be happy to negotiate! I’ll also be looking to integrate some of this with Patreon, as well as set up ways people can contribute smaller amounts towards a larger communal request (like through this page!). I feel like I’m getting into the swing of freelance work at this point, and am excited to see whatever else you all might want to throw at me! You can contact me with any requests at nicreamer42 at gmail dot com. LET’S WRITE SOME STUFF.

Kyoukai no Kanata

I’m Creating a Patreon!

Hey guys! Sorry to interrupt your regularly scheduled programming, but I just now established my Patreon, and figured you should probably know. The Patreon itself lays out what’s going on, but basically, if you’d like to support my work and help me both continue and get working on new projects, now there’s a way to do it! I appreciate any support you could offer, and either way I hope you continue to enjoy my work. Stay Justice, everyone!

Samurai Flamenco

Announcement: I Am Now Working For The Man

You may have already heard, but Anime News Network recently announced they’re going to be doing episodic posts on airing shows, and holy crap what is that name right there on the list. So yeah, I’ll be doing some writing for ANN! I’ll be covering Sword Art Online, Barakamon, and Shounen Hollywood (yes) every week, and my first posts will be going up this weekend. I’ll be starting with “season to date” posts covering episodes 1-8 of each, and then doing episodics from here on out. Very excited!

Pretty much the only thing this means for Wrong Every Time is that, sadly, I’m gonna be ending the weekly timestamp SAO posts. I’ll be linking my regular ANN posts here (meaning you guys will actually be getting more content overall), but they’re going to be in a format much closer to the one I used for Ping Pong – coherent full-episode reflections, similar to what ANN currently does for its preview guide. The Week in Review posts won’t be affected (outside of me primarily just linking the bigger posts on shows I’ve already written about, like I currently do), and essays and whatnot will all still be hosted here. I’ll still be rambling about the same old stuff, I’ll just sometimes be rambling on behalf of our friendly neighborhood overlords.

Anyway! I’m very excited to start being yelled at by vast new groups of people, and I hope you all enjoy the work. There’s a great crop of writers being highlighted here, some of whom I’m already good friends with, so I’d recommend giving the other writers a shot too and seeing if you like their styles. A new adventure begins!

Sword Art Online

Ridiculous Announcement: I Am Publishing a Book

Hello internet. I have a ridiculous announceah shit I already gave it away in the title. Yep, that’s right, I’m publishing a book. This book, specifically:



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Dai Sato at Anime Boston

As I’ve said elsewhere, all my writing was pushed back by Anime Boston this past weekend – but I didn’t leave empty-handed! Both literally (bought more manga and wall scrolls I have no idea what to do with), and figuratively, because Dai Sato was there and I managed to catch him at two fantastic panels. I didn’t actually take notes during his talks, unfortunately, but he had tons of interesting things to say that I figured you folks might appreciate, so I’ll run down the highlights of what I remember.

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Podcast: Anime News, Fall Romance, and the Year to Date

So yep, I was on this week’s FAPcast with Kevo and Aeroblip of Desu ex Machina and Kelloggs of Pedantic Perspective. Lots of rambling on recent news (including thoughts about some encouraging western outreach stuff), the year in anime, and this season’s big romance standoff of Golden Time and White Album 2. Here’s the link again – check it out if you want to hear some more off-the-cuff stuff, or just listen to my uplifting, sonorous voice.