Owarimonogatari, Part One – Review

The Monogatari review train continues today, as I return to the Ougi/Sodachi-focused stretch of Owarimonogatari. Looked at in total, these arcs feel a little awkwardly placed in the narrative, largely because adding a character like Sodachi is both disruptive and a return to a long-abandoned Monogatari format. But Sodachi’s a reasonably compelling character in her own right, and only getting Ougi’s introduction now is actually some pretty great storytelling – though this is her first chronological appearance in the story, it feels like the natural progression from the times we’ve seen her before. I kinda doubt Monogatari will give us a clean conclusion to Ougi’s narrative, but I guess we’ll have to see what the end of the final season brings.

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Jinsei: Life Consulting – Review

Jeez, some shows sure are a load of dirt. Jinsei definitely counts among the worst shows I’ve reviewed for ANN, lacking the fundamental sadism of something like Psycho-Pass 2, but more than making up for that in pure bland mediocrity. As I say in the review, Jinsei is one of those shows you watch and then feel you’ve consumed nothing at all. Thanks for nothing, Jinsei.

You can check out my full review over at ANN, or my fatigued notes below!

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Girls und Panzer der Film – Review

Hell yeah I reviewed the Girls und Panzer movie. Mizushima’s Tank Fight Extravaganza turned out to be exactly what was advertised: awesome tank action from start to finish, basically no filler whatsoever. I’m sure my general preferences in anime make it seem like I’m not really a fan of action at all, but action instilled with an actual sense of fun is great. Also, you have to, you know, be good at constructing satisfying action scenes. Girls und Panzer excels at both of those things, so the movie was a blast. Check out my full review below!

Girls und Panzer der Film

Girls und Panzer der Film

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya – Review

My journey into KyoAni’s past has finally brought me to back to Haruhi Suzumiya, which was… well, not as friendly or endearing as it felt when I left it. Beyond the show itself aging like a sack of wet tomatoes in the sun, the fact is, I have aged too, and that means Haruhi herself is less enchanting than she is constantly abusive and a misery to be around. Still, it was a solidly rewarding experience running back through these episodes, seeing what things really do hold up and what things don’t work anymore. Haruhi was a pretty key show for me, so I didn’t mind stopping by to catch up.

You can check out my megasized review over at ANN, or my copious episode notes below!

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Kizumonogatari Part Two: Nekketsu – Review

Kizumonogatari is back, and holy crap this second act. The original novel was already as violent and sexually charged as anything in the series, but transposing that to film resulted in one of the most gloriously over-the-top sensory experiences imaginable. It still seems absurd that this film exists at all. I’m so happy it does.

You can check out my megasized review over at ANN!

Kizumonogatari Nekketsu

Thunderbolt Fantasy – Review

Today I reviewed Thunderbolt Fantasy, because why the hell wouldn’t I review Thunderbolt Fantasy. The show was ridiculously entertaining, easily one of the best times I’ve had this year, and thoroughly deserving of more recognition. I get the feeling the puppet style means it naturally breaks the suspension of disbelief for many fans out there, but hopefully spotlighting its strengths will convince a few more people to give it a chance. I’m sorry I doubted you, Urobuchi. Do whatever weird experiment you want next, I’m definitely on board.

You can check out my full review over at ANN.

Thunderbolt Fantasy

Sweetness & Lightning – Review

Today I went back and reviewed last season’s most charming production, the consistently endearing Sweetness & Lightning. Sweetness & Lightning wasn’t exactly a top-tier slice of life, but it was close – it had a strong cast with a great overall dynamic, and the combination of tasty food and respect for Tsumugi’s worldview and problems made it pretty special. It’s probably not a show I’ll end up revisiting, but I’m very happy to have one slice of life be at least this good every season!

You can check out my full review over at ANN.

Sweetness & Lightning

A Bride’s Story, Volume 7 – Review

I returned to Bride’s Story after some time away this week, reviewing a volume that felt more or less like an intended breather after last volume’s high-stakes drama. Anis’s story was pleasant enough, but mainly just a very warm and fuzzy romance, largely conveyed through evocative floral garnishes and whatnot. It’d have been a stronger story if Anis and her avowed sister actually had some chemistry, but both of them were just too mild people for that. The manga’s art was still beautiful, but this was definitely a less compelling narrative than usual.

You can check out my full review over at ANN, or my chapter notes below!

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Doamygar-D – Review

So today I’ve got a review of a short I’m pretty sure nobody actually watched, and for good reason – it’s basically just a loyal spoof of classic super robot shows, offering nothing of interest to anyone who isn’t a fan of super robots, Kyoto cooking, and extremely harmless comedy. It wasn’t a painful watch or anything, but also not a watch I’d really recommend for any reason. Although I did like the goofy accent of the American character!

You can check out my full review over at ANN, or my episode notes below.

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The Rolling Girls – Review

Welp, I went back to check out the Rolling Girls one more time, and it… went pretty much the same as the first time. The Rolling Girls is full of so much stuff I absolutely love, from its art design to its character focus to its worldbuilding, that it’s kinda painful to reflect on how the final product couldn’t pull itself together. The show had everything going for it, but its team just couldn’t write their way out of a paper bag. It’s a terrible shame.

You can check out my full review over at ANN.

The Rolling Girls