Hello! My name is Nick Creamer. I’m a freelance critic, editor, and essayist, currently specializing in Japanese animation, but with an eye open towards broader horizons. I’ve always been a fanatical writer, from an adolescence spent writing regrettable fantasy novels to an English degree at Vassar College and beyond. I spent several years working as a proofreader at Shambhala Publications, while I simultaneously built up a reputation in anime criticism and eventually secured a position writing reviews and editorials for Anime News Network. I’m currently writing regular commissioned articles for my readers, as well taking on the occasional editorial job looking over others’ creative projects. You can check out a few examples of what exactly all that means below.

The Intoxicating Lure of Idol Anime – An extended personal adventure into a hot new trend in anime.

A Fire Burns in Concrete Revolutio – An essay on the rich and socially relevant themes underpinning an overlooked recent anime.

What Makes Kyoto Animation So Special? – An investigation into the culture and output of one of anime’s most successful studios.

The Star Under Lights: Millennium Actress – An article on the aesthetics and storytelling of one of Satoshi Kon’s great films.

No Politics: Media and Identity – An essay on the inherently personal nature of art reactions, and diversity of “valid reviews.”