Ninja Slayer From Animation – Review

Today I reviewed Ninja Slayer, which was… well, basically everything I dislike about Trigger shows, compressed into five minutes of comedy, and then stretched out into twenty-six episodes of torture. Ninja Slayer was a real struggle to get to, as it apparently hoped I found its one big joke hilarious enough to sustain two entire goddamn seasons of content. From its repetitive humor to its “it’s bad, but we know it’s bad, so it’s good now!” visual aesthetic, Ninja Slayer was pretty much the laziest of comedies from start to finish. Thanks, Trigger.

You can check out my full review over at ANN.

Spring 2015 Season Preview

It’s that time once again! With three weeks of the winter season to go, it’s time for me to start feeling existential dread at the thought of one more preview guide, and time for you all to get some uselessly vague predictions about how this whole spring season’s gonna go down. As per the usual, I’ll just be covering stuff that actually looks interesting to me – if you want the full list, head on over to anichart to check it out. Normally, this is a time of celebration – it’s the end of winter doldrums, and spring is generally a pretty stacked lineup. But between Shirobako and a few intrepid newbies, this winter season has actually been perfectly respectable, so let’s try and approach the upcoming shows with a bit less desperate of a look in our eyes. It’s just another anime season, you guys. No need to get excited.

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