Ojamajo Doremi – Episode 9

It’s time for more Ojamajo Doremi! Last episode saw Doremi finally passing the level nine witch exam, in spite of making every terrible choice possible on the way there. There were no extenuating circumstances like when she had to help Pop this time – Doremi is just pretty bad at doing things, and so most of her time in the witch world was spent sampling cakes and getting lost. Still, she at least did demonstrate that she’s pretty good at riddles, which is certainly a talent of sorts. Let’s see what nonsense she gets up to this time!

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Ojamajo Doremi – Episode 8

Let’s get back to Ojamajo Doremi! When we left off, Doremi had just flunked her level 9 witch exam, though there were admittedly some extenuating circumstances – not only did Doremi need to help Pop all day, but the test questions were up to interpretation. Still, Doremi probably would have found a way to screw it up anyways, so I guess it’s all the same in the end.

I assume we’ll be learning more about fairies this time, since both of Doremi’s friends now have their own familiars. Outside of that, we’ll have to wait and see. Let’s get right to it!

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Ojamajo Doremi – Episode 7

Today we return to Ojamajo Doremi! From my side, this is actually the day our first fascist in chief is being sworn in, so goddamnit, I need something to bring a little joy into the world. And Doremi certainly fits the bill – a beautiful children’s show with a broad cast and thoughtful worldview, it’s a spot of light in the fast-encroaching darkness. Make art, do public work, be kind to the people around you – do whatever you can to bring a little warmth to the world, everybody. We could all use a little more of it.

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Ojamajo Doremi – Episode 6

Alright, let’s get right back in to Ojamajo Doremi. Last episode saw Doremi using magic to “save” her first classmate, if we are going by an incredibly loose and criminally generous definition of save. She also almost got herself, her classmate, and an innocent (if questionably designed) puppy killed in the process, but hey, magic is more art than science. The main trio also discovered the wonders of capitalism, and Majo Rika was bullied into investing in a new cash register. I am not sure I understand children’s entertainment anymore.

Anyway. All of that was plenty of fun, so let’s jump right in and see what episode six has in store. Ojamajo ho!

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Ojamajo Doremi – Episode 5

And we’re back with more Ojamajo Doremi! The witch trio has already been established at this point, and with the perils of childhood already solved, it’s time for our three heroes to dive into the spirited world of witch capitalism. Look, if you’re going to pay off your witch mortgages, sometimes you gotta make some hard witch calls.

I actually am pretty thrilled to see how the salesman life works out for our trio. I’ve apparently arrived at the level of anime fandom where I’m basically done with shows that are cruel for the sake of it, and ready to embrace the upbeat but legitimately thoughtful children’s shows of the truly unsalvageable anime lifer. God help us all.

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Ojamajo Doremi – Episode 4

Hey everybody! I’d say it’s right about time for a bit more Ojamajo Doremi. The world is a scary place, and sometimes it’s hard to bear with all of it at once, so it’s nice to take a breather with a show with such an upbeat tone and such positive intentions. I remember how when I was an emo teen, I’d scoff at media that embraces positivity as thoroughly as this, since I felt it was “lying” in some unacceptable way. At this point I’ve accepted how crucial it is to bring our own positivity to the world, and great children’s shows are one wonderful way to do that. So let’s dig right in and see what’s going on in Doremi’s world of kinda crappy witches.

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Ojamajo Doremi – Episodes 2-3

We’re back with more Ojamajo Doremi! The show’s first episode was very charming, and I already know these episodes are good too since I’m writing this intro after the fact, so let’s not waste any time. Doremi may not be a particularly good witch, but she’s going to do her… well, maybe she’ll try somewhat. LET’S FIND OUT!

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Ojamajo Doremi – Episode 1

Today we embark on a new notes adventure, checking out the unusually renowned children’s show Ojamajo Doremi! Most of what I know about this one consists of “it has a remarkably high-tier staff,” that staff includes Mamoru Hosoda at some point, and its face game is extremely strong. Children’s anime in general tends to be somewhat better-written than the stuff for teenagers, so I guess we can lump that into the “potential knowledge” pile. Also witches? I believe witches are involved. Either way, I’m down for another exploration of one the shows those sakuga nerds keep going on about. Let’s get right to it!

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