Media Commissions Update

Heyo again! I mentioned a week ago that I’d be working towards making communal commissions more convenient, and today I’ve got some ideas on that front. Instead of my book or questions, I’m adding the option to direct any Patreon donation of $5 or more towards writeups on any show/movie. I’ll also be adding a direct donation button for one-time donations that can work the same way (or be aimed at the old tiers, or just help me out in general). I’ll be needing to keep track of these communal show-lines, so I’ve created a page to track progress towards new writeups on anything people are interested in.

To keep it from looking lonely, I’ve, er, donated ten dollars to myself for three projects people have mentioned in the past – episodic writeups on Hyouka, Madoka, and Evangelion. But feel free to pick your own favorites – once anyone has donated towards something, I’ll post its progress up there ASAP, which will make it visible and more likely to get more support. And I’ve also added the ability to directly donate while avoiding Patreon, which will hopefully make things more convenient for everyone.

I also got questions about a few more types of commissionable work, so I’ll run those down as well. Having me proofread your own articles/criticism will likely run you about $45-75, depending the length of the piece. Manga writeups go for $120/volume (which generally run eight chapters). And writeups of visual novels totally depend on the length of the visual novel, but would be comparable to book reviews if they’re a comparable length.

I think that covers it! Let me know if you have any other questions, and thanks again for your support!

edit I’ve gotten a couple people who wanted to just donate in general, and didn’t care where I sent the support. This strikes me as a really good way to make sure shows actually get finished, so feel free to just make a general donation, and I’ll assign your support to a show that’s already being supported but could use a push. That’ll hopefully maximize the number of writeups I can put out, as well as ensure shows don’t just peter out halfway through!

August 2015 Patreon Roundup

So! As I first mentioned a couple weeks ago, I dump a whole bunch of words into Patreon mini-essays every month, and I figured it’d be a waste to just let those words languish in the bowels of’s non-existent search function. Instead, I’m going to be collecting my new answers at some point during the course of a month, and also going back through the archives so you guys can actually get to see all that writing. I’ll be starting to answer October’s questions soon, but for now, here’s the whole set of answers from August. If getting a response like this sounds cool to you, my Patreon door is always open, and either way I hope you enjoy the work!

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September 2015 Patreon Roundup

Hey all! So I’ve finished answering all of last month’s Patreon questions, and figured it might be a good idea to start linking those mini-essays over here. You may remember I attempted to catalog some of my longer answers here a while back, but I think this formatting will be a lot more manageable. I actually put a pretty significant amount of work into the questions I get, and since there’s no schedule to their release, unless you’re checking my page consistently you’re very likely to miss a pretty thorough response. Fortunately, on my end I have all the tools I need to keep track of specific Patreon answers, so I figured it’d be good to make them a bit more available. I’ll be starting with the most recent set of answers today, and then going forward I’ll hopefully fill in the older missing ones as I catalog new months.

I’ve included links to all my specific September responses below the cut. And as always, if you’d like a question of your own answered, my Patreon is thataway. Hope you enjoy!

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I’m Creating a Patreon!

Hey guys! Sorry to interrupt your regularly scheduled programming, but I just now established my Patreon, and figured you should probably know. The Patreon itself lays out what’s going on, but basically, if you’d like to support my work and help me both continue and get working on new projects, now there’s a way to do it! I appreciate any support you could offer, and either way I hope you continue to enjoy my work. Stay Justice, everyone!

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