Tsuredure Children – Episode 8

This week’s Tsuredure Children was more focused on relationship progression than gags, but I’m already fully invested in these relationships, so I certainly didn’t mind that. The show’s balance of comedy and narrative would be impressive even if we were only focusing on one of these relationships – the fact that we’ve got so many couples and they’re all so strong is really something. Tsuredure Children continues to own this season.

Tsuredure Children – Episode 8

Summer 2017 – Week 7 in Review

The anime was all very respectable this week, maintaining an even course without really offering any major highlights or disappointments. Made in Abyss arrived at a necessary training arc, though given this show’s generally speedy pacing, that “arc” may just take one more episode. My Hero Academia was in exposition mode, but it still managed to offer some fun moments with the class. And Classroom of the Elite finally got as dramatically indulgent as it’s apparently always wanted to, topping off a series of grim inter-class showdowns with the introduction of some actual mad scientists. I complained about the show’s super hammy musical cues when I reviewed its first episode, but as it turns out, those musical cues turned out to be the only element of that episode that would truly indicate the show’s nature. But let’s start in the fringes of the abyss, and run this week down!

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Tsuredure Children – Episode 7

After last week’s cumulative piece, my actual episodic Tsuredure Children writeups began in earnest this week, forcing me to find out if I actually can write full articles about twelve minute shows. There turned out to be no problems there, and in fact, Tsuredure Children’s four skit setup allowed me to do a pretty close read on what worked or didn’t across each comic bit. This should be fun!

You can check out my full review over at ANN.

Summer 2017 – First Half in Review

Hey all, and welcome back to the Week in Review. With the summer halfway over, it’s time once again for one of this blog’s more pointless traditions – ranking my overall feelings on the summer’s offerings at the point where it’s least useful to actually make such a ranking. The meaninglessness of this exercise feels even more pronounced this season, since the number of shows I’m watching can be counted on a single hand. I don’t think that’s actually detrimental here, though – if anything, it actually just plays into the general silliness of the system.

That said, considering how little I actually am watching, I’ll still be supplementing today’s post with thoughts on the latest Game of Thrones and all that. I may be struggling mightily to fill my other columns in a season with nothing to watch, but that doesn’t mean you guys have to suffer. Let’s get to it!

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Summer 2017 – Week 5 in Review

The hits just kept coming this week, a week that answered the desperately unnecessary question “what happens when you’re only watching a couple shows and even those aren’t very good.” This wasn’t exactly a bad week in anime, but when your season is already dangling by a thread, you can’t really afford to have lukewarm performances. The show that overperformed this week was Game of Thrones, so I guess that’ll once again be tying the whole Week in Review room together. We are living through some desperate times here, but I’m gonna fill that goddamn word count somehow.

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Tsuredure Children – Episodes 1-6

Welp, I guess I’m reviewing Tsuredure Children weekly now. With the season being what it is and Symphogear streams still nowhere to be found, I’m now picking up Tsuredure Children for ANN. The show’s certainly given me plenty to talk about for Crunchyroll, so I guess it’s about time!

You can check out my overview of the show so far over at ANN.

Summer 2017 – Week 4 in Review

Well folks, it’s time for the Week in Review. Once again, my lack of weekly anime watches has me fumbling around for other stuff to write about, but the anime I am watching was pretty strong this week, so I can only slightly complain. My Hero Academia friggin’ nailed the end of the Hero Killer arc, and Made in Abyss is already making the most of its great premise and gorgeous art design. This season may be a show or two short of a full package, but hey, that just means I can work on more Current Projects for everybody. We may be in the midst of a drought, but our backlogs are a vast ocean just waiting to be explored. Anyway, I’ll quit with the doomsaying here, and get work running this week down!

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Why It Works: Tsuredure Children and the Mechanics of Dialogue, Part One

Aw hell yeah, let’s get crafty. This week’s Why It Works basically uses Tsuredure Children as a jumping-off point to talk about how exactly stories bring dialogue to life, with handy examples from our silly children. Hope you enjoy the piece!

Tsuredure Children and the Mechanics of Dialogue, Part One

Why It Works: Terminal Fuzzy Wuzzies in Tsuredure Children

This week on Why It Works, I took the opportunity to rep this season’s terrific Tsuredure Children. The show’s consistently excellent dialogue allows it to get away with sequences that would almost certainly feel sterile in a lesser show, and I’m happy to have a chance to show it some support. Anime shorts tend to get ignored by a lot of the community (myself included), but Tsuredure Children is just as strong as any full-length I’m currently watching. I hope you enjoy the piece!

Terminal Fuzzy Wuzzies in Tsuredure Children